Pirate’s Day Celebration – September 19

Pirate’s Day Festivity – 19th of September

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Set sail and head towards Booty Bay because Pirate’s Day commences on the 19th of September! A WoW Classic version of Pirate’s Day will also be accessible for brave heroes who wish to embrace the life of a pirate.

Bring Your Sea Song to Booty Bay

Pirates have taken control of the goblin town of Booty Bay and Captain DeMeza is recruiting any scurvy dog she can find to join her pirate crew. Pay her or her henchmen a visit in the capital cities if you are interested in the pirate’s lifestyle!

Feeling out of place in Booty Bay without a proper outfit? No worries. /Dance a little jig with the Dread Captain DeMeza and she will be impressed enough to recruit you into her crew and provide you with suitable attire. If you become attached to your new appearance, you can complete the quest You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat!! Succeed, and you will receive an Emergency Pirate Outfit (or five) for when Pirate’s Day becomes a distant memory and your inner pirate yearns to be set free.

What use is a pirate without a feathered companion on their shoulder? Captain DeMeza (for a few shiny coins) can assist you in summoning a temporary companion named Petey to accompany you on your voyages.

Occasionally, the captain will call for a brave party to face a fearsome sea creature–an elite shark known as Ol’ Eary. Make sure you have a strong crew with you, or you may end up as mere bait in the waters of the bay.

Join the Beach Gathering

Once you and your crew have assisted the captain in dealing with Ol’Eary, you can celebrate with the crew at a small beach party just south of Booty Bay. Those who have achieved the Feat of Strength “Advast Ye, Admiral” can also purchase a toy from Edward Techt–the Jolly Roger to proudly display their dedication to the cause.

If you are feeling particularly generous, you can also purchase a Big Bag of Booty from Captain DeMeza and share the wealth with your fellow pirates in a burst of sparkling magnificence.

New in Dragonflight

Avast ye! Transform yourself from a lowly sailor to an experienced seafarer by equipping your Highland Drake with a chest-carrying saddle adorned with the Pirate’s Day Armor. Collect your loot from Dread Captain DeMeza in Booty Bay and use it at any Rostrum of Transformation located in the Dragon Isles. Do you understand?

WoW Classic

The commoners in the capital cities will be dressed in the latest pirate fashion. Speak to any of them, and they will provide you with pirate attire for one hour and share the latest gossip. Apparently, Dread Captain DeMeza is stirring up excitement with talk of Pirate’s Day.

Once you reach Booty Bay, seek out Dread Captain DeMeza and her crew on the rooftop of the bank, and you can raise a toast with her and become a pirate for the day. By doing so, you will receive a 12-hour pirate costume buff and complete the achievement, The Captain’s Booty.

When: 19th of September (24 hours)
Where: Darnassus, Exodar, Ironforge, Orgrimmar, Silvermoon City, Stormwind, Thunderbluff, and Undercity

Set forth, you scurvy scallywags, and prove your worth on the high seas, aaargh!

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