A Familiar Face Spotted in Dawn of the Infinite Cinematic


If you have experienced the events of Dawn of the Infinite, it is highly likely that you have witnessed the concluding cinematic featuring Iridikron. However, the community has recently discovered the presence of another familiar character in the scene. The following post contains spoilers.

After a brief conversation with Chromie regarding the titans, Iridikron, accompanied by the Essence of Galakrond, opens a void portal leading to an undisclosed location.

During Iridikron’s entrance into the portal, we are given a fleeting glimpse of an Elven figure that bears a striking resemblance to Xal’atath, as depicted below.


This suggests that Blizzard may be laying the groundwork for a void-themed expansion, utilizing Iridikron as a bridge between expansions (similar to Gul’dan), with Xal’atath potentially playing an undisclosed role as well.

If you have played during the Legion and Battle for Azeroth expansions, you are likely familiar with Xal’atath as a sentient being connected to the Priest Artifact Weapon.

If you have not yet seen the cinematic in question, we invite you to watch the following video to refresh your memory.

Do you believe that Blizzard will unveil a void-themed expansion at BlizzCon? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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