Astro’s Star Wars Mandalorian Gaming Headset Is $100 Off

Logitech’s Astro brand has always been a leading manufacturer of gaming headsets. If you’re a Star Wars enthusiast looking for a new headset, don’t miss out on Amazon’s offer for the Astro A30 wireless headset with a Mandalorian theme. The A30 is currently on sale for $150 before Black Friday 2023, matching the incredible discount we saw during Prime Day Round 2. Both the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the A30 are eligible for this deal. If you’re not a Star Wars fan, you can still grab the sleek white A30 for $180, which is an excellent bargain.

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The A30 boasts a Beskar steel finish and custom speaker tags featuring the profile of the Mandalorian himself, Din Djarin, and the Clan Mudhorn signet. With its lightweight design, plush leatherette earcups, and durable headband, the A30 is built to last. Equipped with 40mm drivers that can be personalized using the Logitech G mobile app, the A30 not only looks but also sounds fantastic.

You can connect the A30 to your preferred console using the included dongle, or you can stay wired with the provided 3.5mm and USB-C cables. It also offers Bluetooth support, allowing you to use either model with all your mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. The headset features a built-in mic as well as a detachable boom mic. On a full charge, you’ll enjoy up to 27 hours of playback.

Although these headsets are marketed as console-specific, they can also be used with your PC, smartphone, and even Nintendo Switch, thanks to the additional connectivity options. This is the ultimate audio solution. Essentially, the Xbox version works wirelessly with everything except PlayStation, and the PlayStation edition works with everything except Xbox.

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